Amazing !! The Ultimate Only in Russia Compilation


The Ultimate Only in Russia Compilation

This is an ultimate compilation which you might have never seen before. Such things mostly happen only in Russia. This video consists of some funny clips, entertaining clips, lucky people clips and some other clips to entertain you guys. Most of the vehicles in Russia have cameras mounted on its roofs so all these clips have been recorded by those cameras.

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In the first clip a guy is holding tow beers in his hands and showing some funny moves. In another clip two drunk men have stopped a car and keep liquor bottles on the bonnet but the car driver moves the car and knocks one of two guys down onto the ground. A drunk lady is crossing the road on her knees, she is not able to stand up on her feet. Two men are bringing a heavy box up stairs but one of them loses balance and slips from the steps of the stair. A man has blocked the road by taking a luggage trolley in the middle of the road.

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A horse is pulling a cart made of car’s body. A man comes out of his car to beat another car driver coming behind, but the driver reverses his car and then moves it and hits the opened window of first car. A bike rider stops his bike on a red light and walks towards the car coming having a rod in his hand, the car driver reverses the car and then that boy goes back. A man is breaking the windshield of a moving car. A man shows the gun to the car coming behind. An old man having a toy gun in his hands catches a bus, he does it for a video. A lady does bungee jumping from the roof of a high building. A man at the petrol pump is the most luckiest person on this earth, he had the worst experience of his life at this station. A man gets himself stuck into the ice after jumping from the roof of a low room. Soldiers are getting trained by their commander. A guy makes the sound of a racing bike, really amazing.

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