Think before you prank { Must Watch }


Think before you prank

We have seen so many prank videos, most of them are very funny and entertaining but this time it is not funny at all. A lady gets killed because of a prank played by her friends. First of all let me clarify that it did not happen in real, it is just a video to give us a lesson that we should always think before playing any prank on someone.

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We play pranks for entertainment and to scare someone but sometimes pranks can go wrong and can harm someone as shown in this video. A debate is going on internet about this video that whether it’s fake or not, so to make it clear i mentioned above that it is a fake video. Just simply watch it and try to learn a lesson gave in this video. The video is recorded inside a house. A man is hiding along a wall having a mask on his face. A lady opens the door and enters inside. She is talking to someone over his phone and keeps her luggage on the table. When she ends her phone call then she turns around and starts screaming when she sees that man wearing mask. She gets scared and runs outside the house while shouting. The cameraman follows her and smiles. Something scary and unpredictable happens then. That lady runs on the street and gets hit by a car while trying to cross the street without looking her left and right. She gets hit very hard and falls onto the ground. The lady holding the camera shouts and runs towards her. When they reach there, they see blood everywhere and the lady is laying onto the road and she is dead. This prank costs life of that innocent lady. The message given in this video is written on the screen ” Think again if you want to prank someone.

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Though this video is not real but such things happen in real. So we should not do something which can harm someone or can take someone’s life. Entertainment is necessary in life but can not be more valuable than human’s life. There are other so many real videos in which people lose their lives just because of some stupid acts. Sometimes such things can lead to heat attacks and can make anyone cripple or ill. So always think before doing such things to anyone.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you will never play pranks on someone which can lead to some serious consequences.

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