Amazing !! You will not believe this … How How How???


You will not believe this

In this video you are going to watch an unbelievable magic trick, although it is thousands years old but i am sure you have not seen it before. This amazing video featuring a magician performing an unbelievable and amazing magic trick in Times Square, New York City. In the beginning he is standing on a street corner holding three linking rings in his hands, greeting people and inviting them to watch his magic trick.

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He tells that he is going to perform a magic trick that is over 5000 years old. He invites bystanders to participate in his magic trick. Then he shuffles cards and asks one person to choose one card whichever he likes among all cards. When that person pulls one card then magician asks him to remember that card and asks him to put inside the other cards. Magician says this looks like a regular ordinary cards trick but it is really amazing. He shuffles those cards again and scatter them all onto the ground. Then he does something amazing and incredible which is really hard to believe in, he pulls the cards upward without touching those. He pretends like he is doing all this with his internal power through his hand. Then those cards get attached with each other to form a robot. That cards robot walks and leaves everybody surprised and stunned. This robot jumps in the air. Camera men are filming all this from different angles. Then this robot walks to the same person who chooses one card in the starting of this act and gives him a card. Magician asks him that is it the same card he chooses, then everyone get surprised when that person says “yes”. Everybody gives him a huge round of applause.

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Magic is an art which entertains people. Magicians entertain people by amazing tricks or creating illusions of seemingly impossible or supernatural feats using natural means. Magicians perform just tricks but we can not easily catch them. It requires perfection and it is not that easy to perform live in front of huge audience. It requires lots practise. On some channels these trick are revealed. Some magicians show how they they perform these tricks.

Thanks for watching this amazing magic trick and i hope you like it.

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