Must Watch !! Friendship of Elephant and Dog


Friendship of Elephant and Dog

You might have seen so many best friends with equal sizes, heights, nature and behaviour, but have you ever seen two best friends having nothing in common. This video shows two best friends Bubbles and Bella, a dog and an elephant. They are totally different form each other but still they are good friends. Lovely music has been played as a background music in this video.

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They play with each other and even swim together. In the beginning an elephant comes in an open ground having a beautiful lady sitting in its back and a black dog runs towards elephant and starts galloping along with her. When both reach near a pool then dog jumps inside the pool and then elephant goes in the water and they both swim together. Dog climbs on her back and walks to her head and then slips into the water again. Dog stands on his back, jumps from his back to the water and climbs up having a ball in his mouth. It looks so beautiful and amazing when dog jumps from his back into the water to pick a ball and then climbs back onto the elephant. The girls sitting on elephant plays with her trunk and dog jumps to climb up. Dog crossed under her legs and elephant touches dog with her trunk. Dog is sitting on elephant’s legs. This video gives us a message of love and friendship.

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In the video it is written that their relationship developed because of their shared love of the water. Myrtle Beach Safari adopted Bubbles as an ivory orphan in 1983. As Bubbles grew over the years, from 300-9000 pounds, so too did her love for swimming. In 2007, a contractor hired to build Bubbles a swimming pool, abandoned Bella as a puppy at The Preserve. The pool and eventually the river presented these two the opportunity to interact in a way that developed a deep and lasting friendship. Today they are almost inseparable. Bubble’s family was killed in 1981 by ivory poachers. She was one of the fortunate few that survived the slaughter. Today tens of thousands of elephants are still being illegally poached for their ivory. We should all contribute in saving elephants by not buying products made from ivory and we should learn from these two unlike animals. If these animals can love each other then why we human beings can not.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you like the friendship of Bubbles and Bella.

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