Amazing !! Whirlpool swallows everything in sight


Whirlpool swallows everything in sight

This video was recorded in Latvia by Janis Astics on April 18, 2013 and is uploaded by GabeHashTV on internet. In this amazing video you can see how a whirlpool sucks everything in its way including ice and debris. This whirlpool was discovered in Dviete Parish, Latvia, after a river flooded its banks.

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You can see water, ice and debris all around and a whirlpool sucks it all. Everything is moving toward this whirlpool along with water. This whirlpool swallows water and other things comes in its way. This all goes deep in the earth. It looks very amazing and scary at the same time. It is not just a sink hole, because if it was then water has to come back out somewhere else. It is a big whirlpool, you can see a larger ice disappear without any problem. This whirlpool does not get satisfied, it sucks everything and don’t know when it will stop, its not shown in the video. It would be interesting to know where the sink hole is located and how long it took before it was full?  Based upon this video we see it is quite deep and more than likely a cavern open up thru a geological fault caused by a shift in the earths crust. But i think we probably will never know the detail of it. It is absolutely incredible and terrifying, i am still wondering where the hell everything is going. But it is best way of cleaning a sight i think. We should never go so close to such whirlpools. In Latvia such things happen often.

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Tides in oceans cause whirlpools. It can be a big or small whirlpool. Small whirlpools can easily be seen when a sink is draining, but these whirlpools are produced in a different manner from those in nature. You can find smaller ones at the base of many waterfalls. The most powerful and big whirlpools are created in narrow, shallow straits with fast flowing water. The force of nature is impressive, this video also serves as a parameter that when we see a vortex the best we can do is stay away from it since the suction force can end the life of any person. Judge for yourself. Thanks for watching this amazing and terrifying video and i hope you like it and never swim close to such whirlpools.

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